W/P/S Live Lockdown comes with strict rules and regulations along the lines of a Federal Penitentiary.  W/P/S - LIVE LOCKDOWN is a 6-race battle-royale to achieve the highest overall bankroll, but be sure to adhere to the policies in LOCKDOWN, or face hefty penalties for non-compliance!

Armed with a $50 tournament bankroll…participating horseplayers will have a primary Win, Place, or Show selection, and a secondary Win, Place, or Show selection for backup in the event of scratches/changes in six tournament races. In the event of both selections being scratched, the player will inherit post time favorite.  Participating handlcappers must place a tournament wager in every race or face a hefty fine. Players that do not place at least a $2 wager in each race will be penalized $4 from whatever is left in their bankroll. If nothing is left in their bankroll than $25 is deducted from their winnings. (IE – if a player bets $50 in race one and wins $250, $25 will be deducted from their bankroll for each remaining race in the tournament. If a player skips race one, $4 is deducted from their bankroll leaving them with $46 tournament dollars.)

Win, Place, or Show payouts will be capped at 20-1 within the system. So if a player bets $20 on a 30-1 entry, the most they can earn for the tournament payout is at 20-1. Click HERE for FREEROLL and HERE for PAYDAY rules and regulations, best of luck - but be sure to stay in compliance!