Once your SaratogaBets account has been successfully activated, you may choose from several deposit and withdrawal options.


Fund your SaratogaBets account instantly! Make deposits directly with your Visa credit or debit card online.

SaratogaBets horseplayers are now eligible for FREE credit/debit deposits (deposits of $250 or more)! Simply make a credit/debit card deposit of $250 or more with direct credit/debit card, and the fees will be rebated to you on the following day! Please contact customerservice@saratogabets.com if you have any questions or concerns about FREE credit/debit deposits!


Please call Saratogabets,com customer service toll free at 1-855-445-4414 to deposit with your Visa or Master Card credit or debit cards.

A 4.5% processing fee will be charged for all credit and debit card deposits processed via a customer service representative.


Fund your account by clicking FUND and choosing PayNearMe w/Cash @ 7-Eleven/Family Dollar. Print off the bar code, which is reusable, or send the bar code to your mobile phone. Take the bar code to a 7-11 or Family Dollar Store and pay the clerk the amount you are depositing (there is a $4.99 service fee that is deducted from the deposit amount). Your SaratogaBets account will now be funded.
Please click HERE for PayNearMe deposit procedures.