Compete In The 7/28 WPS Saratoga PAYDAY Tournament

Welcome to the 7/28 "W/P/S LIVE - LOCKDOWN" PAYDAY tournament. Players will be competing for a (currently) GUARANTEED $2,000 prize pool! New players that register will receive a FREE 7/28 tournament seat! New players must have never previously participated in a TourneyBETS contest or tournament to qualify. Players will be competing for CASH, along with an allotment of 2,125 TourneyBETS Cup points to the 1st-5th place finishers!

The entry fee is $25 for all account holders, please scroll down, and enter your account information to register for competion - ALL entry fees will be added to the prize pool! Entry fees will be deducted directly from players’ wagering accounts, please confirm the $25 is in your account before registering. Registration for this contest closes at 9pm on 7/27 - if the tournament fee is not in the registered account by this time the player is purged from competition for the week.

All participating horseplayers will be armed with a $50 tournament bankroll and MUST place one (1) Win, Place, or Show selection in ALL six (6) tournament races. Players that do not place a tournament wager in each race will be penalized $4 (per race) from their bankroll. If nothing is left in the non-compliant horseplayer's bankroll, than $25 is deducted from their winnings.

Click HERE for PAYDAY rules and regulations and the prize payout formula, best of luck - but be sure to stay in compliance! 1st place winner receive 60% of the CASH prize, and a paid seat into the 2024 NHC Qualifier tournament! 2nd-3rd place finishers receive (25%/15%) of the cash prize! As always, all entry fees will be returned to the players as prize money - 0% rake!

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