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6/12 Belmont Park SHOWtime Contest - Horseplayer Selections & Real-Time Results

NameBelmont Park #4PendingBelmont Park #5PendingBelmont Park #6PendingBelmont Park #7PendingBelmont Park #8PendingBelmont Park #9Pending
Dana Irwin0.00Realm of Law[7]Too Early[3]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Fierce Lady[1]Duress[12]
Daniel Dineen0.00Minuteman (GER)[6]Just Right[7]American Parade[8]Love and Love[2]Ruvies in Time[4]Battle Station[5]
Daniel Williams0.00Minuteman (GER)[6]Too Early[3]Angelou[6]Midtown Rose[8]Espresso Shot[6]Ghoul (BRZ)[3]
Diane b 0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Control Group[2]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Entreat[1]Ruvies in Time[4]Morning Breez[2]
Don kiernan0.00Mubtadaa[3]Too Early[3]Overlook Road[3]Whispering Pines[9]Good Credence[3]Battle Station[5]
Eddiehage 0.00Realm of Law[7]Bourbon Bay[5]Overlook Road[3]Love and Love[2]Espresso Shot[6]Battle Station[5]
Edward DeLuca0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Microscope[1]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Entreat[1]Ruvies in Time[4]Ghoul (BRZ)[3]
Ernie K.0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Six Percent[9]Angelou[6]Subsidiary[6]Sadie Lady[5]Yodel E. A. Who[6]
JOHN BARTKUS 0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Just Right[7]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Subsidiary[6]Sadie Lady[5]Ghoul (BRZ)[3]
Jacqueline C0.00Minuteman (GER)[6]Durkin's Call[6]Now Yus Cant Leave[7]Love and Love[2]Fierce Lady[1]Secret Rules[7]
Jeff Cantine0.00Realm of Law[7]Control Group[2]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Good Credence[3]Secret Rules[7]
Jesse Temple0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Danebury[8]Angelou[6]Subsidiary[6]Fierce Lady[1]Battle Station[5]
John Brownell0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Six Percent[9]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Subsidiary[6]Espresso Shot[6]Holiday Stone[11]
John M Davis0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Control Group[2]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Entreat[1]Sadie Lady[5]Battle Station[5]
John Miller0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Six Percent[9]American Parade[8]Midtown Rose[8]Espresso Shot[6]Guildsman (FR)[1]
LARRY H.0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Too Early[3]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Sadie Lady[5]Ghoul (BRZ)[3]
Larry Hayes0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Control Group[2]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Entreat[1]Fierce Lady[1]Duress[12]
Lawrence McGourty0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Control Group[2]Angelou[6]Entreat[1]Espresso Shot[6]Battle Station[5]
Loren W0.00Realm of Law[7]Control Group[2]Angelou[6]Whispering Pines[9]Sadie Lady[5]Battle Station[5]
Lori W.0.00Realm of Law[7]Too Early[3]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Love and Love[2]Sadie Lady[5]Battle Station[5]
Michael M0.00Mubtadaa[3]Control Group[2]Bella Jenshea[4]Love and Love[2]Ruvies in Time[4]Quarky[10]
Michael Pawluk0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Too Early[3]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Fierce Lady[1]Battle Station[5]
Michaelr9440.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Control Group[2]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Sadie Lady[5]Battle Station[5]
Mitchel b 0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Six Percent[9]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Whispering Pines[9]Fierce Lady[1]Montauk Traffic[4]
Paul K0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Just Right[7]American Parade[8]Love and Love[2]Good Credence[3]Guildsman (FR)[1]
RJK0.00Mubtadaa[3]Control Group[2]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Midtown Rose[8]Good Credence[3]Morning Breez[2]
Robbert b 0.00Newsworthy[2]Durkin's Call[6]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Love and Love[2]Fierce Lady[1]Duress[12]
Stephen R0.00Mubtadaa[3]Control Group[2]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Subsidiary[6]Good Credence[3]Battle Station[5]
Theresa N0.00Realm of Law[7]Just Right[7]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Sadie Lady[5]Secret Rules[7]
Tilly P0.00Mubtadaa[3]Control Group[2]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Sadie Lady[5]Battle Station[5]
Tom W.0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Bourbon Bay[5]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Entreat[1]Sadie Lady[5]Duress[12]
Vanessa l0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Control Group[2]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Subsidiary[6]Espresso Shot[6]Ghoul (BRZ)[3]
William Palmer0.00Treason[8]Just Right[7]Angelou[6]Whispering Pines[9]Ruvies in Time[4]Morning Breez[2]
bruce jones0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Just Right[7]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Love and Love[2]Good Credence[3]Montauk Traffic[4]
david n0.00Big Everest (GB)[5]Six Percent[9]Overlook Road[3]Subsidiary[6]Good Credence[3]Morning Breez[2]
donald b0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Control Group[2]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Love and Love[2]Ruvies in Time[4]Montauk Traffic[4]
jon mazzone0.00Realm of Law[7]Just Right[7]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Good Credence[3]Battle Station[5]
joseph Jasiewicz0.00Newsworthy[2]Bourbon Bay[5]Infinite Potential (IRE)[5]Love and Love[2]Good Credence[3]Ghoul (BRZ)[3]
lincoln campbell0.00Realm of Law[7]Too Early[3]Now Yus Cant Leave[7]Subsidiary[6]Sadie Lady[5]Ghoul (BRZ)[3]
ncox0.00Realm of Law[7]Durkin's Call[6]American Parade[8]Love and Love[2]Espresso Shot[6]Secret Rules[7]
p dyche0.00Deferred Taxes[1]Control Group[2]Overlook Road[3]Subsidiary[6]Espresso Shot[6]Yodel E. A. Who[6]
ron t0.00Mubtadaa[3]Control Group[2]American Parade[8]Entreat[1]Sadie Lady[5]Secret Rules[7]
tom deering0.00Mubtadaa[3]Just Right[7]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Ruvies in Time[4]Battle Station[5]
tom place0.00Realm of Law[7]Control Group[2]Angelou[6]Love and Love[2]Sadie Lady[5]Morning Breez[2]

Welcome to the 6/12 Belmont Park SHOWtime online handicapping showdown - ready to compete for a $500 prize purse? Click HERE for SHOWtime rules and regulations, participation is free for account holders. Contestants must choose one entry per race that you believe will finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the corresponding races listed below. If you choose a successful show entry for each race, you will qualify for a share of the $500 prize purse - top accumulative SHOW pricing decides the winners. Players must have a valid account, and must have wagering activity through their account on the same day of this contest to qualify for prizes. Please e-mail with any questions.

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