1/1 WTA Aqueduct FREEROLL Tournament - Leaderboard

N/ASteve G50.00 / 0.00
N/Arichard heisler50.00 / 0.00
N/Atom p50.00 / 0.00
N/AJoseph Church50.00 / 0.00
N/AWilliam Church50.00 / 0.00
N/AGlenn K50.00 / 0.00
N/AElinor S50.00 / 0.00
N/AHarvey S50.00 / 0.00
N/Aandrew r50.00 / 0.00
N/AStephen Picciocca50.00 / 0.00
N/ADavid Wirth50.00 / 0.00
N/Alincoln campbell *50.00 / 0.00
N/ASalvatore A Zito50.00 / 0.00
N/AAnthony Cummings 50.00 / 0.00
N/Adaniel a prietti50.00 / 0.00
N/AKenneth R *50.00 / 0.00
N/ADoreen S50.00 / 0.00
N/ADonald S50.00 / 0.00
N/ANaNcYE50.00 / 0.00

Today's tournament is cancelled. Two seats will be awarded in the next upcoming freeroll!

Welcome to the 1/1 "Winners Take All" FREEROLL qualifier tournament. Competition is FREE for all account holders, please enter your account number and applicable information to compete! The 1st place finisher will receive a FREE NYRA Calendar, a FREE "Winners Take All" golf shirt, AND a paid entry to the upcoming 1/7 GUARANTEED $500 "Winners Take All" payday tournament! Click HERE for rules and regulations, all tournament players will have a $50 mythical contest bankroll with which they can place W/P/S and exacta entries. Once registered, players will receive an email with their status as cleared to compete.

Registration for this contest closes at 9am on 1/1 - at that point competition will begin within the hour. Players have up until 0 MTP to enter or cancel contest selections in applicable races, scratched selections will inherit the post time favorite. All participating horseplayers MUST have a valid account, and MUST have wagering through their account on the same day of this contest to qualify for prizes. Please email support@showtimecontests.com with any questions or concerns.

1st Place Winner