1/18 "Sunshine Millions" SHOWtime Contest - Horseplayer Selections & Real-Time Results

NameGulfstream Tropical #8PendingAqueduct #7PendingGulfstream Tropical #9PendingAqueduct #8PendingGulfstream Tropical #10PendingAqueduct #9Pending
Budro120.00Raki[4]Playtone[8]Lady's Island[6]T Loves a Fight[5]Galleon Mast[11]Now and Again[11]
Christy M-S.0.00Bienville Street[8]A Freud of Mama[7]He Hate Me[7]Nicodemus[4]Galleon Mast[11]Now and Again[11]
Dana Irwin0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Playtone[8]Extravagant Kid[1]Sunny Ridge[1]March to the Arch[9]Our Troubadour[4]
David Winnie0.00Decorated Ace[3]Big Q[2]Royal Squeeze[5]American Anthem[2]March to the Arch[9]Lastlookatthecat[7]
Dawn Ebert0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Fierce Lady[1]Lady's Island[6]Mind Control[8]Muggsamatic[7]Titan's Will[2]
Diane b 0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Violent Point[5]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]Scraps[3]Honorable Avenue[6]
Don kiernan0.00Decorated Ace[3]A Freud of Mama[7]He Hate Me[7]Nicodemus[4]March to the Arch[9]Honorable Avenue[6]
Eddiehage 0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Big Q[2]He Hate Me[7]American Anthem[2]Souper Scat Daddy[4]Titan's Will[2]
Ernie K.0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Playtone[8]Lady's Island[6]T Loves a Fight[5]Galleon Mast[11]Honorable Avenue[6]
JOHN BARTKUS 0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Big Q[2]Lady's Island[6]Mind Control[8]March to the Arch[9]Our Troubadour[4]
JOSEPH P0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Fierce Lady[1]Extravagant Kid[1]American Anthem[2]March to the Arch[9]Titan's Will[2]
Jacqueline C0.00Una Luna[10]Playtone[8]Jackson[8]Arch Cat[3]Souper Scat Daddy[4]Lastlookatthecat[7]
Jacqueline Routhier0.00Liza Star[9]Big Q[2]Extravagant Kid[1]T Loves a Fight[5]Muggsamatic[7]Lastlookatthecat[7]
Jeff Cantine0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Fierce Lady[1]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]Curlin's Honor[2]Honorable Avenue[6]
Jim Bercharlie0.00Decorated Ace[3]Playtone[8]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]Curlin's Honor[2]Honorable Avenue[6]
John 3160.00Decorated Ace[3]Fierce Lady[1]Lady's Island[6]Sunny Ridge[1]Scraps[3]Honorable Avenue[6]
John M Davis0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Fierce Lady[1]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]March to the Arch[9]Titan's Will[2]
John Powers, Jr0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Fierce Lady[1]He Hate Me[7]T Loves a Fight[5]Curlin's Honor[2]Titan's Will[2]
Johnny D0.00Liza Star[9]Fierce Lady[1]Extravagant Kid[1]T Loves a Fight[5]Curlin's Honor[2]Titan's Will[2]
Lawrence McGourty0.00Liza Star[9]Big Q[2]Royal Squeeze[5]American Anthem[2]Curlin's Honor[2]Titan's Will[2]
Lori W.0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Big Q[2]He Hate Me[7]Nicodemus[4]Curlin's Honor[2]Carters Got Sass[5]
Mark Fleming0.00Starship Jubilee[7]A Freud of Mama[7]He Hate Me[7]Mind Control[8]Souper Scat Daddy[4]Lucky E[3]
Michael Pawluk0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Fierce Lady[1]He Hate Me[7]Mind Control[8]March to the Arch[9]Titan's Will[2]
Mikey D0.00Just Sassy[2]Big Q[2]Front Loaded[2]American Anthem[2]Curlin's Honor[2]Titan's Will[2]
Mitchel b 0.00Decorated Ace[3]Big Q[2]Extravagant Kid[1]Mind Control[8]Roddick[10]Honorable Avenue[6]
Paul K0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Big Q[2]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]Curlin's Honor[2]Honorable Avenue[6]
Robbert b 0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Fierce Lady[1]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]Galleon Mast[11]Now and Again[11]
Robert Stoddard0.00Decorated Ace[3]Fierce Lady[1]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]Souper Scat Daddy[4]Carters Got Sass[5]
T O0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Playtone[8]Extravagant Kid[1]American Anthem[2]March to the Arch[9]Varangian[10]
Tilly P0.00Starship Jubilee[7]A Freud of Mama[7]Lady's Island[6]Nicodemus[4]Curlin's Honor[2]Titan's Will[2]
Tom W.0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Fierce Lady[1]Lady's Island[6]Mind Control[8]March to the Arch[9]Our Troubadour[4]
Veronica Holcomb0.00Liza Star[9]Playtone[8]Richard the Great[3]T Loves a Fight[5]Curlin's Honor[2]Our Troubadour[4]
William Palmer0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Myawaya[4]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]Jais's Solitude[5]Titan's Will[2]
abner d0.00Just Sassy[2]Firenze Freedom[3]Running for Riz[4]The Sicarii[9]Max K. O.[1]Oneshotatforever[1]
bruce jones0.00Decorated Ace[3]Big Q[2]Lady's Island[6]T Loves a Fight[5]Class and Cash[6]Titan's Will[2]
david n0.00Decorated Ace[3]A Freud of Mama[7]Royal Squeeze[5]T Loves a Fight[5]Curlin's Honor[2]Our Troubadour[4]
donald b0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Violent Point[5]Lady's Island[6]American Anthem[2]Curlin's Honor[2]Titan's Will[2]
eddie d0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Big Q[2]Richard the Great[3]Nicodemus[4]Jais's Solitude[5]Honorable Avenue[6]
fsbigt0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Fierce Lady[1]Extravagant Kid[1]American Anthem[2]Curlin's Honor[2]Our Troubadour[4]
lincoln campbell0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Firenze Freedom[3]Lady's Island[6]Mind Control[8]Muggsamatic[7]Lastlookatthecat[7]
markh0.00Decorated Ace[3]Playtone[8]Richard the Great[3]Arch Cat[3]Curlin's Honor[2]Titan's Will[2]
p dyche0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Fierce Lady[1]Extravagant Kid[1]Sunny Ridge[1]Curlin's Honor[2]Titan's Will[2]
paul aswad0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Fierce Lady[1]Extravagant Kid[1]American Anthem[2]March to the Arch[9]Titan's Will[2]
rick r0.00Liza Star[9]Big Q[2]Richard the Great[3]Nicodemus[4]March to the Arch[9]Carters Got Sass[5]
robertweslowski0.00Starship Jubilee[7]A Freud of Mama[7]Royal Squeeze[5]Mind Control[8]Muggsamatic[7]Our Troubadour[4]
ronald j phibbs jr0.00Beautiful Lover[1]Fierce Lady[1]Jackson[8]Mind Control[8]Curlin's Honor[2]Our Troubadour[4]
tom deering0.00Decorated Ace[3]Big Q[2]Extravagant Kid[1]T Loves a Fight[5]Muggsamatic[7]Titan's Will[2]
vanessa L0.00Starship Jubilee[7]Violent Point[5]Lady's Island[6]Mind Control[8]Muggsamatic[7]Now and Again[11]

Welcome to the 1/18 "Sunshine Millions" SHOWtime online handicapping showdown - ready to compete for a $500 prize purse? Click HERE for SHOWtime rules and regulations, participation is free for account holders. Contestants must choose one entry per race that you believe will finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the corresponding races listed below. If you choose a successful show entry for each race, you will qualify for a share of the $500 prize purse - top accumulative SHOW pricing decides the winners. Players must have a valid account, and must have wagering activity through their account on the same day of this contest to qualify for prizes. Please e-mail support@showtimecontests.com with any questions.

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