Compete In The 7/23 WTA $375 PAYDAY Tournament

Welcome to the 7/23 "Winners Take All" PAYDAY tournament, awarding a GUARANTEED $375 prize pool - and a paid seat the the 12/2 NHC Tournament Qualifier ($50 value). The entry fee is $25 for all account holders, please enter your account information to register for competion - ALL entry fees will be added to the prize pool! Entry fees will be deducted directly from players’ wagering accounts, please confirm the $25 is in your account before registering. Registration for this contest closes at 9pm on 7/22 - if the tournament fee is not in the registered account by this time the player is purged from competition for the week.

As always, all entry fees will be returned to the players as prize money - 0% rake!

Click HERE for rules and regulations, all tournament players will have a $50 mythical contest bankroll with which they can place W/P/S and exacta contest wagers. Players have up until 0 MTP to enter contest selections in applicable races, scratched selections will inherit the post time favorite. All participating horseplayers MUST have a valid account, and MUST have wagering through their account on the same day of this contest to qualify for prizes. Please email with any questions or concerns.

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